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Repairs & Spares

Spare parts, emergency support, component repair and exchange, inventory management and logistics solutions.Having critical spare parts and consumables when and where you need them is fundamental to achieving your business goals.

Repair & Refurbish

Factory repair, partial or complete reconditioning of products or systems through our repair and calibration workshop. Arihant Satiate can provide an extensive range of return-to-base repair and refurbishment services.

Reactive Repair Service

Repair and testing activities carried out by factory-trained technicians enabling prompt return to service. All repairs are carried out to original manufacturing specification under controlled conditions.

Preventive Maintenance/Refurbishment/Performance Verification

A more cost-effective solution to routine maintenance by proactive test and routine maintenance activities carried out under controlled conditions in our factory based repair center. All tests are carried out in accordance with original manufacturing specification and to an agreed schedule devised to ensure optimum performance of instrumentation.

Calibration & Certification

We provide proactive test and calibration activities in accordance with instrument specification when required. All calibrations are carried out in accordance with relevant international standards and original manufacturing specification under controlled conditions in our factory based calibration center.

Service Exchange

Proactive ‘repair by replacement’ facility available for specific instrumentation systems and individual assemblies. Each exchange program is developed specifically to suit the product type and application. All replacement units are either new or refurbished and provided with warranty.


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Cycle timer

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Smart Power Saver


Digital Panel Meter

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