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Arihant Satiate provides a portfolio of standard courseware and customized training to help personnel keep skills up-to-date. Training is given to engineers, operators, programmers and maintenance personnel about products, systems and technology.

In-House Training

The skills of operations and maintenance personnel play a significant role in equipment performance as well as maximizing return on investment. Arihant Satiate provides skills improvement training on various subjects

Standard and customized training courses providing detailed product and application knowledge are delivered in a factory based classroom environment with theory and practical exercises by Arihant Satiate product and service specialists. Detailed documentation is provided. This training can be delivered on-site, subject to available facilities and specification of full scope.

As with your entire production process, your key people optimize your control system performance and maximize the return on your automation investment. Our training assessment process can help to identify which training programs would best satisfy your requirements.

On Site Training.

Standard and customized hands-on training workshops delivered at your site by Arihant Satiate service specialists. Training includes theory of operation, product application, operating and maintenance requirements etc.

Comprehensive training programs are available for your operators, engineers, and maintenance personnel to ensure understanding of the equipment they operate and maintain. Our training assessment process can help to identify which training programs would best satisfy your requirements.

Preventive Maintenance/Refurbishment/Performance Verification

A more cost-effective solution to routine maintenance by proactive test and routine maintenance activities carried out under controlled conditions in our fatory based repair center. All tests are carried out in accordance with original manufacturing specification and to an agreed schedule devised to ensure optimum performance of instrumentation.

Available training programs

• Micro Controller Course - Three Days

• Fundamental Electronics Course – Three Days0

• Workshop on Robotics - Two Days

• Workshop on Calibration - Two Days

Why Train with Arihant Satiate?

• Professional and reliable training

• Excellent platform for knowledge sharing

• Maximum return on investment

• Competency level increases significantly

• Attention given to pain areas

• Cutting-edge technology transfer from automation expert to trainee


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RPM Totalizer

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