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Starting Date: 1st may 2003

SCOOP is the branded Process Instruments. Major instruments are design and develop to interfacable to computer as well as for simple usage. Instruments are well tested to fit in all environment and compatible to upgrade as they are design and develop using latest technology (embedded).

SCOOP has at present divided in 10 parts: TEMPERATURE, PRESSURE, LEVEL METER, FLOW, TIMER, COUNTER, DIGITAL PANEL METER, RPM, SPECIAL METER, and GENERAL METER. SCOOP design, develop and invites to customer having requirement for special / particular Custom made instruments.

List of Products:

Image Product Name Components More Details
Image Temperature Meter Indiacator, Controller ( J,K,R,S, RTD)
Image Pressure Meter Indiacator, Controller
Image Level Meter Indiacator, Water Level Controller
Image Flow Meter Indiacator, Controller
Image Timer Meter Presettable, Laundry, Cycle, Time Totalizer
Image Counter Meter Presettable, Length, Batch, Count Totalizer
DPM Meter Voltage, Current(Amperer), Watt, Frequency
Image RPM Meter Indicator, Controller (NPN,PNP, Pulse, 4-20mA, 0-10V)
Image Special Meter Real Time Clock, Data logger / Scanner, Isolator/Converter,
Calibrator, Programme, AC Controller,
Smart Power Saver, Security System, Controller - PID, BOD, COD, Profile
Image General Meter Hooter, Sign Board Timer, Water Level Controller

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