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Starting Date :22 Aug 2003

Sensors are critical part of Process. Their quality & their suitability for Instruments are key part of Selection Guide. SCOOP provides quality sensors suitable for Instruments & with Instruments, to make user free from Selection Criteria.

There are various groups:

A) Temperature Sensors:

(1) RTD or PT –100

(2)Thermocouples – J, K, R, S Type

(3) IC Sensor

B) Proximity Switch

(1) NPN Inductive Proximity

(2) PNP Inductive Proximity

(3) Block Type Inductive Proximity

(4) Angle Type Proximity

(5) Capacitive Proximity

C)Photo Sensor or Photo Cell

D)Opto Coupler

E)SSR (Solid State Relay)

F)Level Sensor

List of Products:

Image Product Name Specification
Image RTD or PT –100  


J, K, R, S Type

Image IC Sensor  
Image NPN Inductive Proximity  
Image PNP Inductive Proximity  
Image Block Type Inductive Proximity  
Image Angle Type Proximity  
Image Capacitive Proximity  
Image Photo Sensor or Photo Cell  
Image Opto Coupler  
Image SSR (Solid State Relay)  
Image Level Sensor  
Image pH Sensor  
Image TDS Sensor