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Timers are useful to control the particular process with time limit given by user. Time Indicator are to indicate the Time of Process / process part done while Time Controller are to indicate the time as well as it takes control over it by given input time through user. So Relay or Buzzer (Alarm) energized for further operation. SCOOP is the branded range of Quality instruments having Timer range of 2 digits to 6 digits as well as Sec, Min., Hr & Multirange with START-HOLD-RESET, FORWARD-REVERSE, ON-OFF, UP-DOWN selection. Also Special Types of Timer like Presettable Timer, Cycle Timer, Laundry Timer, Universal Timer, and User define timer.


  • Plastic Industry
  • Petro-Chemicals Industry
  • Ceramic Industry
  • Medical Industry
  • Food Industry
  • Rubber Industry
  • Packing
  • Film Processing
  • Laundry
  • Critical Time Measuring Laboratory Testing
  • Calibration Bath.

Timer Products:

Image Product Name Product Description
Image Presettable Timer It works on pressatable time.
Image Laundry Timer t works on both forward and reverse direction means for some time it will work for forward direction and for some time it will work for reverse direction.
Image Cycle Timer e can set the on/off time of the instrument.
Image Real Time Timer sing crystal in it we can measure the real time.
Image Sign Board Timer Using it we can on/off the sign board at desired time.
Image Defrost Timer It is used in refrigerator. Using it we can set the time for water disipatation.
Image Delay Timer Using this this we can set the delay for making on/off of the instrument.
Image Sequence Timer Using it we can control the sequence of process like filling Pepsi in the bottle placed on conveyer belt.
Image Ratio timer : here first we have to give the fix amount of ratio then it will work according to that.
Image Multistage timer we can use multiple timing in sequence required in process for any process by Multistage Timer. Example: Injection Molding Machine.
Image Temperature cum timer We can fix the time to achieve particular temperature.
Image Timer cum counter In the sequence timer if we want to count the no of object ,we can count it using it.
Image Multi channel clock Using this we can measure more than one time at once.